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Music Teachers' Association of California
San Mateo County Branch

Certificate of Merit Information for 2018-2019

Welcome to the Certificate of Merit® (CM) program!  The CM program is a system of music study and evaluation in performance, theory, technique, sight reading, and ear training, providing a wonderful way to establish goals and progress for your students.

CM is the longest established music study program of its kind in California. As a testament to the outstanding dedication and competence of MTAC teachers, CM is fully administered and operated by MTAC Branches and CM teacher-volunteers, as organized and led by each Branch’s CM Chair. CM could not accomplish such a high level of musical excellence without your cooperation and support!

MTAC Login: Where to Get Information About CM

The primary means through which CM Council publishes CM information is via the Teacher Home Page, which teachers can access on the MTAC website at

To get to your Teacher Home Page, go to Login with your username and password, and this will bring you to your Teacher Home Page.  Please download and thoroughly review the document named 2016-17 CM Policies and Procedures, which contains essential information regarding the CM online enrollment process and CM Evaluations requirements.

How do I get my Username and Password?

If you need assistance with your login, username, or password, please contact your CM Branch Chair at Please do not call the CM Branch Chair for your password, as this information can only be sent via email for security reasons.

Please check your email often, as this is the primary method of communication by which we send out CM information and updates to our teachers.

Where can I get a CM Syllabus?

In addition to the 2018-19 CM Policies & Procedures, teachers must use the current CM Syllabus for their students’ instrument(s) of study.  The CM Syllabus sets forth all the specific repertoire, technique, theory, ear-training, and sight-reading requirements established for students registering in CM Evaluations..

Teachers can purchase the CM Syllabi online via the MTAC website at, under “Shopping” or can order directly from the MTAC State Office. The CM Syllabi are not available in electronic format.

Branch CM Informational Meeting

A mandatory CM Teacher Training Session is scheduled in the early fall, usually in September. You will be notified when and where this training meeting will take place.

When do I register my students in CM?

Teachers register students online during the registration period, which starts on October 1 and ends 5:00PM sharp on October 31.  Specific instructions are contained in the 2018-2019 CM Policies and Procedures. No late registrations are possible after this date.

Working at CM Evaluations

Each Branch organizes and administrates its own CM Evaluations, which may take place on one day or several days depending on each Branch’s participation numbers and facilities. As CM depends 100% on volunteers, participating teachers are required to fulfill Branch volunteer hours to help the Branch administrate CM during CM Evaluations. Please click on this link: CM Teacher’s Work Agreement and download, fill out and submit you form to Benny Yu. Beyond the minimum requirement, many teachers often volunteer their time throughout the entire year – before, during, and after CM Evaluations – to ensure a great experience for all teachers and students in our Branch. Volunteering at CM provides teachers significant benefits to their studio businesses as their students benefit from a high-level experience of service and programming, gain a deeper understanding of the CM program from different perspectives, and work towards a common musical goal within their local communities.

Teachers who do not fulfill their Branch requirement of volunteer hours must pay a non-work fee to help the Branch administrate CM with a reduced number of volunteers. If you are unable to fulfil your obligation to work the required hours due to a physical disability, medical issue, a week-end job or financial hardship, please inform the CM chair (Benny) and Teachers’ scheduling person (Jieun Yee) before January 31st.
The non-work fee is on the Teacher’s Work Agreement to be signed and mailed with your registration and fees.

Get Your Essential Print-Outs & Updates!

MTAC continually strives to improve the CM program based on Branch and teacher feedback, and consequently, important updates are posted throughout the year. To ensure you have the latest updates, login to your Teacher Home Page, at

Click on “Teacher Information” and verify your Teacher profile information to ensure it is complete and accurate.     

On your Teacher Home Page, you are able to DOWNLOAD the following documents for your ongoing reference:

  • CM Policies & Procedures
  • Parent Letter
  • Enrollment Fees
  • Convention Recital Program Guidelines

IIf you need more information regarding Students and Registration, please find them under Programs by clicking on the Golden Ribbons:

  • CM Fees and Duration (All instruments, Panel, YAG)
  • CM Dates San Mateo Branch
  • Resources (CM Chair, All Insturments CM Coordinators)
  • Branch Honors Requirements
  • Panel Auditions and YAG Guidelines
  • Student List    (Print this out after enrollment is completed)

“Tip of the Week” Did you know?  We send out weekly emails called “Tip of the Week,” to all teachers regarding important CM updates and reminders.  Keep an eye out for these great tips!

Line of Communication

The Certificate of Merit® is governed by the Certificate of Merit® Council of the MTAC. To best assist you, CM Council has an established line of communication policy that will guide you as to who to contact for CM questions and issues. In order for us to take care of your questions, please follow the line of communication policy (see CM Policies & Procedures), and do not contact the State Office, State Chairs, or Convention Chairs with CM questions, who may not be able to assist you.

Please read the CM Policies & Procedures and the CM Registration instructions first,, but if you still have questions, please email:

CM Branch Chair, Piano/Wind Benny Yu
STRINGS Chair: Eva Cheng
VOICE Chair: Gina Vandellos