The MTAC San Mateo County Branch Invites You to Our Upcoming Branch Festivals

Festivals have not been scheduled - check back for information

Festival of Chamber Music

The Chamber Music Festival was a huge success, thanks to the teamwork of many of our branch members, students, parents and friends.  Both the Students’ and the Teachers’ performances were supported by a full house and each ensemble was unique and captivating.  The event was filled with energy, synergy, passion, creativity and most importantly – a common goal to support one another in performance and to celebrate the significance of teamwork.

What are Branch Festivals?

Branch Festivals at the MTAC San Mateo County branch are recitals with a particular theme. Students (and sometimes teachers) are invited to showcase and share particular genres or types of music with each other.

Location of Branch Festivals

All Branch Festivals will take place at Lessons On B unless otherwise noted. The address is: 1529 S. B St. San Mateo, Ca. 94402.

Rules of Participation in Recitals

Application Form: Complete the Festival Recital Application Form. Take care to be as detailed as possible. Include the key and Op. #, if available. Please use the composer's full name. All entries will be printed exactly as submitted. At the end of the Recital Application Form click on "continue" and the form will automatically be emailed to the recital chair and you will be sent to our PayPal account to finish the payment process. Before submitting the application you must use the drop down menu to put in the number of students you have entered, and the amount will be totaled automatically.

Number of students: Limited to a maximum of 4 students per teacher.

Performance time: The combined performance time for the registered students for each teacher is a total of 15 minutes or less.

Dress: Students should dress appropriately for performance. Teachers will be informed of complete dress requirements when students are chosen for performance.

Recital fee: $15. Each student's entry will be approved upon receipt of the entry fee.

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