Recital Hall Rules

Hall Restrictions – No Early Arrivals or Late Departures

You may occupy the Community Center building only during the hours specified in your contract.  Teachers, students, parents, guests and any other attendees may not enter the building or stay in the building outside this time.  The hours specified in the contract must include enough time for set-up, warm-ups and food preparation, as well as clean up.  The teacher is responsible for communicating this "No Early Arrivals, No Late Departures" rule to students, parents, guests and other attendees.

If you are the first teacher of the day to use the hall, and the door to the building is not open at your specified time, you (only the teacher, not the group) may call the emergency number on the contract (650-286-3380). A building attendant will come from across the street and open the building for you.


If a reservation is cancelled more than 3 months prior to the reserved date, all payment will be refunded minus a $50 cancellation fee.  If a reservation is cancelled less than three months in advance, the entire rental fee is forfeited.


The key to the Recital Hall and the keys for the pianos are in the custody of the Community Center building attendant who sits outside the Recital Hall.  Ask that person for the keys to the piano.  The same key opens both piano fallboards.  Each piano cover padlock has its own key.  


A podium microphone is available at the time of your reservation.  Please specify "yes" or "no" on the reservation form when you fill it out.  Ask the front desk attendant outside of the Recital Hall to show you where the microphone podium is stored.


Nails, tacks, staples, scotch tape, masking tape, or any other items that may put holes in or remove paint from the walls, doors, or ceilings are strictly forbidden.  Painter’s tape or blue tape may be used to hang decorations, provided that it is removed following the event.

Chairs and Tables

The standard set-up of chairs and tables will be 60 chairs in a “Theatre Style" with one aisle down the middle, and two tables at the back of the room.  You may request up to 100 chairs maximum for your event.  The chairs and pianos will face East Hillsdale Blvd. Please note that the Fire Code limits the number of chairs/audience members in the Wind Room to 100. 

The Pianos

Note that the pianos are stored next to the north wall of the Wind Room (facing East Hillsdale Boulevard).  To move the pianos, have at least two people move one piano together; and be advised that anyone who moves a piano, does so at his/her own risk.  Be careful when covering and uncovering the pianos so that the metal rings do not scratch the finish.  If necessary, use the mitt provided to dust pianos and a slightly damp cloth to wipe the keys.
When you are finished using the pianos, it is your responsibility to make sure they are moved back to the original storage spots on the north wall.  Again, anyone who moves a piano, does so at his/her own risk.  Lock the piano fallboard.  Put the cover back on.  Lock the padlock.  Leave the piano bench near the piano.  If you are the last teacher of the day to use the windroom, please make sure to lock the pianos and move them to the north wall. If another MTAC member is using the piano after you, check with him/her to be sure it is OK to leave the larger piano out and uncovered.  Please make sure that the next teacher has taken charge of the piano.

Due to liability purposes, it is not the responsibility of the City Staff to move the pianos for MTAC.  It is solely up to the MTAC teachers to move/move back, uncover/cover, and lock/unlock the pianos.

Food and Drink

Food must be limited to simple finger foods.  Note that there is no stove, oven, microwave or refrigerator -- and none is permitted.  No alcohol is allowed.

Clean Up

If you serve refreshments, you must clean up any spills and crumbs.  Ask the building attendant for the vacuum cleaner (in the custodian's closet).  You are responsible for the cost of any extraordinary clean-up required after your use.


Any damage to the facility, (ie: walls, doors, tables, chairs, floors etc) or pianos beyond normal wear and tear, will be billed to the MTAC member in charge of the event where the damage occurred.

Admission Fees or Donations for Performances

When the Wind Room is rented through MTAC, members are prohibited from collecting any mandatory admission fees for any event.  Freewill donations are acceptable.  This is Foster City policy.

Usage Limitations

The Wind Room may be rented through MTAC only by MTAC members. It may not be rented by a member on behalf of a non-member.  Members are allowed to use the room only for recitals and small ensemble performances where they are involved as performers; or for their own students' recitals.  MTAC events may take place only in the Wind Room, unless prior arrangement has been made to use another room or the outdoor patio.  Office equipment in the building is not for MTAC use.

Safety and Courtesy

Noise in the hallway is very disruptive.  Loud rambunctious behavior is prohibited at all times.  Sometimes people occupy the adjacent rooms, so please make sure your group remains quiet and courteous.  An adult must supervise children at all times.


Contact Recital Hall Director Sandra Gu at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Call the front desk of the Foster City Recreation Center 650-286-3380 (this includes if the building attendant has not unlocked the doors).


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