baby grand pianoMTAC San Mateo Scholarship Program

We are thrilled to continue the second year of MTAC San Mateo County Branch’s Scholarship Program!  The goals of our Scholarship Program include:

  • Assisting students with musical studies outside of their private lessons
  • Promoting the students’ involvement in community outreach & community service 

2017 MTAC San Mateo Scholarships

Applicant Requirements: 

  • Be a student of a current MTAC San Mateo member in good standing
  • List/describe how they have been involved with community service in the past 6 -12 months.
  • List the music program(s) that they wish to apply for outside of their private lessons.
  • Provide two references: one of whom will be their private music teacher.
  • Provide a video recording of their performance, presenting two contrasting pieces.
  1. If a composition is in multi movements, the applicant can choose to present one movement from that composition
  2. The movement qualifies as one audition piece, however, the presentation must be complete
  3. The applicant may not present a fragment of a piece
  4. Incomplete presentations of a piece will not be considered
  5. The Judges will evaluate the applicants' performances solely based on the video recordings submitted (A poor quality video may jepordize the quality of your performance)
  • The maximum number of students that each teacher can register for the Scholarship Program is THREE.
  • Scholarship winners are not eligible to apply for one year following receipt of their award. They may reapply after this one year of ineligibility.

There are numerous sources of community service that are not necessarily related to music.  The students can incorporate any of their community service experience as part of the application to our Scholarship Program.  Some examples of music-related community service include participating in the MTAC San Mateo Community Outreach Program, or helping out at our branch events.

The application form is available by clicking on this link: Scholarship Application Form.  There is no application fee. Please help us spread the word about this wonderful program.  We hope many of our students will benefit from the MTAC San Mateo Scholarships! Dates for submitting an application for 2017 will be announced later

2014 Scholarship Committee: Janice Sheng and Jean Hsia

Three Scholarship Judges were chosen by the Scholarship Program Chair after all applications have been received. The 2014 MTAC San Mateo Scholarship Judges were: Cynthia Brown, Vija Norkvesta, and Pam Anderson.

The Judges were asked to evaluate all of the scholarship applicants’ materials in detail, and they were asked to submit their judging ballots to the Scholarship Program Chair anonymously.  The Scholarship Program Chair tallied the scores from all three ballots, and identified the top five applicants who received the highest overall scores.  The Scholarship Program Chair also asked more than two people to check the tally, to ensure no mistakes were made.

This year, 9 students applied to the scholarship program.  There were pianists, string instrumentalists and an organist.  All applicants provided all the required materials on time.  All applicants confirmed acceptance into the music program(s) of their choice.

We’d like to thank the TEACHERS who prepared their students for the scholarship program application.  We also wish to express admiration for all nine STUDENTS for their demonstration of musicianship, community involvement and aspirations.

Our Scholarship Winners for 2014 and the Programs They Will Attend

  1. DARA PHUNG, pianist (pupil of Sumi Nagasawa)
    Stanford Jazz Workshop
  2. IRIS WU, pianist (pupil of Sujeeva Hapugalle)
    San Francisco Academy of Music - Summer Music West
  3. LUCAS MUNROE, violist (pupil of Minsook Kang)
    Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra
  4. ETHAN HAMAN, organist (pupil of Angela Kraft Cross) 
  5. KARINA TSENG, pianist (pupil of Sujeeva Hapugalle)
    San Francisco Academy of Music - Summer Music West

For more information about our scholarship winners, see Scholarship Winner Bio's

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